Rathfern Youth Club

Empowering Young People programme

Here at The Sovereign Complex, Rathfern we run our own Youth programmes. We have over 100 children registered and over 70 attend weekly on a regular basis. The children are from Rathfern, Rathcoole, Fernagh, Glenville, Monkstown, Ballyduff, Glengormley, Abbots Cross and some even further from the Shore Road. We have a homework club, art club, Junior Hill Wardens and both Senior and Junior Youth clubs. The timetable is as follows:

  • Tuesday Homework Club 3pm-4.30pm
  • Tuesday Art Club 4.30pm-5.30pm
  • Wednesday Junior Hill Wardens 6pm-8pm
  • Thursday Homework Club 3pm-4.30pm
  • Thursday Senior Youth Club 7pm-9pm
  • Friday Junior Youth Club 6pm-7.30pm
  • Friday Senior Youth Club 7.30pm-9pm
  • Saturday Junior Hill Wardens 10pm-12pm

We have 1 full time Youth Worker and 2 part time Youth Workers and a Community Mentor who all help in the running of all the programmes. We also have 8 volunteers who also help to run these programmes and without them it would not work. In our Youth Clubs the children have plenty to do with activities such as football, dodgeball, badminton, arts&crafts, table tennis, pool, VR, Xbox, PlayStation, board games and more.

After our initial three years of delivering a new youth Club in Rathfern Newtownabbey we have recently secured a new three year grant to make some changes to the programme and continue with the youth club. The youth club will be a skills youth club for children from all over the Rathfern & Rathcoole areas, held every Thursday 7pm to 9pm for the Senior Club members and Friday for Juniors (6pm to 7.25pm and Seniors from 7.30pm to 9pm..

“The youth club is for all children in Rathfern and will hopefully give the children somewhere safe to come to with their friends, make new friends and give themselves something to show them that their futures can be something wonderful by learning and having fun along the way, meeting lots of people who they can aspire to be like or simply learn from.

Children attending the youth club will have the opportunity to learn different skills including self defence, fitness, first aid, baking, arts & crafts, drama and dance. There really will be something for everyone!

The club aims to give children in Rathfern a safe place to enjoy and learn new skills from local businesses and potential employers, gaining certificates in first aid and volunteering. Parents will have peace of mind that their children will be taught about CV’s and helped to build their own CV, adding on their accomplishments via the Youth Club and outside achievements and experiences too.  Contained within the grant is a programme called ‘Choices’ preparing young people for moving into possible employment. We intend to work with young people aged 14 upwards.

“We are also looking at getting local business involved, and hopefully setting up work experience for children, which they no longer get in school.“There will be lots to do in the youth club on top of learning different skills, in the way of socialising, play etc.“

Computers, gaming, entrepreneurial skills, art & design, fitness, first aid and fundraising will all be something the children will be able to get involved in. “We will also be holding workshops on social media, drugs and alcohol awareness. “Getting the businesses in the Macedon Ward of Newtownabbey involved in this is something we are very passionate about and those I have spoken to already have been very excited about this venture, for the children, the Rathfern area , neighbours, parents and the police service too.”

Before September 2023 we intend to have an Open Day where young people who are not already members of the Youth Club can come along see what we do and talk to us about joining the youth club.

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